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We have an ongoing number of projects for the first quarter of 2018. One of the 3 primary industry targets for growth identified by the Tadzo reports is Logistics, Warehousing, and Distribution. In December 2017 TRIDEC received a report from a WSU MBA Candidate, identifying 6 companies that may soon be in need of a distribution center in the Pacific Northwest. We have set up a campaign to initiate and foster relationships with the target businesses over the course of the next year. TRIDEC has contracted a lead generation service to help us identify companies that may be nearing expansion or relocation efforts. We used this service to generate 50 leads for the Power-Gen trade show (an international energy convention) ...

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TRIDEC’s Federal Programs Update standard

After a nearly three-day shutdown, Congress passed a Continuing Resolution on January 22nd to fund the federal government through February 8th. Thankfully, local DOE and PNNL operations were not impacted because there was adequate carryover funding to temporarily bridge the gap. It’s difficult to predict what will happen after February 8th – there could be another shutdown, another short-term Continuing Resolution, or (hopefully) an Omnibus Appropriations bill. An Omnibus Appropriations bill would let federal agencies know how much funding they will have for the remainder of the fiscal year (Sept. 30, 2018), allowing them to plan ahead and operate more efficiently. It would also give the workforce, who are understandably concerned about furloughs, more certainty. In order to pass an ...

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Tri-Cities Continues to Remain One of Washington States Shining Stars for Economic Growth standard

The Tri-City economy ended the year with 3,500 more jobs than 2016 — up a healthy 3.2 percent. It was a solid showing, but not solid enough to hold onto the title of Washington’s fastest-growing economy. That honor now belongs to Yakima, which ended with year with 4,400 more nonfarm jobs than the year before. That translates to a state-leading growth rate of 5.3 percent. The Employment Security Department released December data Tuesday that confirmed the Tri-City economy remains one of Washington’s shining stars, ranking a respectable fourth after Yakima, Longview and Seattle. While there’s plenty to celebrate in the year-end report, the Mid-Columbia’s top economic development officer conceded that said losing the title stung. “Darn,” said Carl Adrian, president ...

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Tight Labor Market Puts Pressure on Tri-City Wages standard

The Tri-City unemployment rate remained near record-low levels in November, reflecting a continuing expansion that has buoyed for more than three years. As one year clocks out and another clocks in, the state’s top labor economist predicts business will remain bullish through the coming year. “As the expansion lengthens, we’re starting to see more spreading out into the other counties,” said Paul Turek, state economist for the Washington Employment Security Department. Figures released Wednesday show the Tri-City seasonally unadjusted unemployment rate was 5.2 percent in November, well under the 6.6 percent from a year ago. November’s adjusted unemployment rate was 5.4 percent, slightly above the record-low 5.3 percent set in August, Turek said. Turek said the unemployment rate has likely ...

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These Things Helped Set A New Tri-City Unemployment Record standard

The Mid-Columbia economy is defying expectations, steaming through a season when hiring typically slows and construction work dries up. The local unemployment rate hit a record low of 4.6 percent in September and remained there in October, according to numbers released Tuesday by the state Employment Security Department. That’s 22 percent and 23 percent below the same months in 2016, respectively. “That is good news for a number of people who are unemployed,” said Ajsa Suljic, regional labor economist. Suljic said she was pleased to see the unemployment rate stay down at a time when the local resident workforce had grown by about 4.5 percent during the year. “That will be the trend we want,” she said. The Tri-Cities hasn’t ...

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2018 Tri-Cities Regional Economic Outlook standard

Presentations: Breakfast Keynotes: PNNL Outlook: Steve Ashby Hanford Outlook: Brian Vance Regional Economy – Ajsa Suljic   Outlook  Session 1: Track 1: Building the Tri-Cities Residential Real Estate: Vicki Monteagudo Residential Construction: Jeff Losey Commercial Development: City of Kennewick: Emily Estes-Cross City of Pasco: Rick White City of Richland: Zach Ratkai Track 2: Growing the Agriculture Indsutry Agriculture Policy:  Madi Clark Export Industry: Rianne Perry Wine Industry: Deborah Barnard Grower Perspective: Todd Jones Outlook Session 2: Track 1: Importance of Tourism to the Tri-Cities Economy Regional Tourism: Kris Watkins Food Tourism: Diahann Howard Wine Tourism: Shae Frichette STEAM Tourism: Colleen French Amber Strunk Track 2: Changing Face of Retail Retail Outlook: Barbara Johnson Revitalizing Downtowns: Kennewick: Dan Smith Pasco: Luke ...

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