Coffee with Karl: SPECIAL with Benton-Franklin Health District | MONDAY, Nov. 16 at 11:00am

As COVID rates continue to rise at an alarming rate in the Tri-Cities, Dr. Amy Person joins Karl to offer an update on Benton and Franklin counties, the status of the Benton-Franklin Health District, and how to prepare for the holiday season.

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MONDAY, November 16 and 11:00 AM


Special Guest:

Dr. Amy Person

Dr. Amy Person

Health Officer
Benton-Franklin Health District
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About Coffee with Karl: Started in April 2020, Coffee with Karl was initially a response to the COVID-19 pandemic; it was designed to be a platform for business and healthcare leaders to provide urgent updates and engage in intimate conversations with the Tri-Cities community. Today, TRIDEC CEO & President Karl Dye continues inviting community leaders and industry experts to chat over a cup of coffee. They’ll continue to share their experiences through the COVID-19 pandemic, discuss urgent issues, and provide updates and resources as we begin the path towards rebuilding our economy.

About TRIDEC: Since 1963, the Tri-City Development Council (TRIDEC) has served as the unifying voice for economic growth in Benton and Franklin Counties. By working closely local leaders and decision makers, TRIDEC showcases the Tri-City region’s legacy of innovation, industry, and skilled workforce to domestic and international markets.

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