TRIDEC provides a seamless response system for economic development within the region by providing the following services:

One-Stop Site Selection Services

TRIDEC provides market data and other information services relevant to business location decisions, including economic indicators and workforce information, as well as industrial and commercial real estate information and customized business development data.

TRIDEC offers free, confidential site location services – collaborating with a variety of financial, workforce development, education and technical assistance programs to make your search effective and efficient.

Marketing and Public Relations

TRIDEC promotes business investment and growth in Benton and Franklin Counties through comprehensive public relations and marketing campaigns including events, trade shows and targeted business marketing techniques.

Regional Collaboration

TRIDEC works with economic development professionals, our board of directors, member investors and community leaders to build a strong region-wide support for economic development. TRIDEC works collaboratively with its economic development partners in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas in setting regional goals and seeking regional opportunities for economic growth.