SizeUp Local Business Intelligence: Big Data for Small Business

SizeUp is a free online tool designed to help businesses grow by making smarter decisions through data analysis. SizeUp allows you to easily obtain highly specific data on revenues, salaries, health insurance costs, suppliers, competitor information and much more. With SizeUp you can:

  • Find where your customers are located, and where your competitors are not, so you can grow your business
  • Discover nearby suppliers that you didn’t know were there
  • Find the best places to target your marketing to help promote your business
  • Get your scorecard – determine what percent of businesses are outperforming you in your industry
  • Map the best performing areas around you in order to help determine where to expand into a new location

Not sure where to start? Check out the below tutorial videos.

SizeUp Overview

Industry Benchmarking Explanation

Competitive Intelligence Explanation

Advertising Analysis Explanation

Demographics Tool

SizeUp LBI Tool