Mar 05 2021


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Coffee with Karl: Life in the Tri

Join us for a special Coffee with Karl Series: Tri-Cities Regional Economic Outlook! This 7 week series will cover topics that are important to the Tri-Cities Economy.

With 400 days of sunshine, three rivers, 200+ wineries/breweries/distilleries, direct flights to 8 major destinations, mountains to climb and wide open spaces to explore, the Tri-Cities is a perfect place to live.

For our seventh episode of our 22nd Annual Tri-Cities Regional Economic Outlook, Karl will be joined by our friends at Visit Tri-Cities, Tri-Cities Airport, Barnard Griffin Winery, and Northwest Paddleboarding, to discuss all things tourism, recreation and wine.

Guest Speakers:
Megan Hughes, Assistant Winemaker & Enologist, Barnard Griffin Winery
Michael Novakovich, President & CEO, Visit Tri-Cities
Krista Patterson, Owner, Northwest Paddleboarding
Buck Taft, Airport Director, Tri-Cities Airport/Port of Pasco

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About Coffee with Karl: Each Friday, TRIDEC CEO Karl Dye invites local leaders, elected officials, and industry experts from the Tri-Cities and throughout Washington state to chat over a cup of coffee.  These in-depth and interactive conversations are filmed and broadcast live. They provide resources for business owners, offer updates on our local economy, and help the Tri-Cities navigate urgent issues as we work towards reopening our businesses and rebuilding our economy together.

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