Energy Forward Alliance: What Compels us to Action

In the heart of the Pacific Northwest, the Tri-Cities is a well-established, growing region with a thriving economy and skilled workforce featuring some of the most innovative leaders and companies in the country.  A legacy of clean energy leadership, along with reliable and inexpensive energy, an innovative irrigated agricultural heritage and a favorable business climate makes the Tri-Cities attractive to companies interested in the growing, clean energy and carbon negative worldwide market.

A clean energy hub with operating solar, hydro, wind, nuclear and energy storage facilities, the Tri-Cities region boasts thousands of employees in energy-related fields and a broad array of industry, research, education, utilities, community and Washington State leadership and support to become a clean energy model for the nation.

Regional leaders have created a business environment to help realize Washington’s new energy future–developing solutions to both preserve and maintain existing energy sources while simultaneously transitioning to clean energy that’s reliable and affordable by inventing, innovating, and demonstrating the new energy future.

Recognizing that strong regional partnerships and collaborations are critical to meeting ambitious clean energy and carbon reduction aspirations, a small group of regional chief executives has committed to a long-term partnership built on a shared understanding of a vision for the region; a vision that has garnered mutual respect, trust, and support from each executive and which will result in additional leadership and investment in the region.

The Vision

Using the clean energy leadership, skills, and knowledge of our region, we will leverage existing clean energy technologies and develop and deploy new and additional technologies to deliver a clean energy community model that will inspire communities across the state, nation, and world to participate in a sustainable future.

The Mission

To capitalize on the community leadership, passion, and commitment to realize the vison, TRIDEC will establish a 501(c)3 as a separate operating entity. Its mission will be to provide dedicated, inspiring leadership and governance to marshal the leadership, assets, funding, partnerships, and collaborations needed to deliver on the vision.

Executive Director:

Sean V. O’Brien