Friday, October 9 at 9:00am | Coffee with Karl: Tri-Cities in the Making

Join us each week as TRIDEC CEO Karl Dye invites community leaders and industry experts to chat over a cup of coffee. They’ll discuss urgent issues, offer updates, and provide resources as we begin the path towards rebuilding our economy together.

This week, Karl will be speaking with C. Mark Smith. Mark is a well-recognized leader in economic development, and author of keystone books capturing the history of the Tri-Cities, including Community Godfather. Karl and Mark will discuss the history of economic development in the region, as well as resilient moments in the history of the Tri-Cities that continue to define who we are today.

Bring your favorite mug and join Karl for an all new Coffee with Karl, this Friday at 9AM.

Space is limited and registration is required for this free webinar.

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