Jan 28 2022


9:00 AM - 10:00 AM

Coffee With Karl | 59th Annual Meeting: Continuing Our Legacy

The history of the Tri-Cities is full of ways that our community has united together to overcome challenges. In 2021, our community continued this legacy as we rebuilt the Tri-Cities together.

We experienced growth and expansion across our primary industries. Projects like Darigold, Local Bounti, Amazon and Reser’s Fine Foods expansion, will help accelerate recovery efforts and help solidify that the Tri-Cities is best place to grow and expand business.

Join us at 9am on Friday, January 28, as TRIDEC leadership reflects on the 2021 accomplishments and hear how we are continuing our legacy of uniting the Tri-Cities and growing the economy during TRIDEC’s 59th Annual Meeting.

Special Guests:
Sandra Haynes, Board Chair
Eric Pearson, Immediate Past Board Chair
Ron Boninger, Chair Federal Programs
Brandon Mayfield, Chair Membership & PR
Chad Bartram, Chair MCEI

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About Coffee with Karl:  TRIDEC CEO Karl Dye invites local leaders, elected officials, and industry experts from the Tri-Cities and throughout Washington state to chat over a cup of coffee.  These in-depth and interactive conversations are filmed and broadcast live. They provide resources for business owners, offer updates on our local economy, and help the Tri-Cities navigate urgent issues as we work towards reopening our businesses and rebuilding our economy together.

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