Gov. Jay Inslee Supports SMRs

On August 6, 2013, Governor Jay Inlsee wrote to DOE Secretary of Energy Moniz regarding his support of SMRs. 

"I am writing in support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (USDOE) initiative to facilitate the development of small modular reactors in the United States, and to promote a domestic SMR industry that will advance carbon-free energy and avoid the financial burden imposed by large nuclear reactor plant construction.

The Tn-Cities community in Eastern Washington is an ideal partner for the USDOE in this initiative. As you know, the Tn-Cities is home to USDOE’s Hanford Site — formerly a key component of our nation’s defense weapons complex, and today host to the nation’s largest stockpile of nuclear waste.

Cleanup of the Hanford Site is one of my highest priorities. By siting an SMR plant at Hanford
on land leased by Energy Northwest, we can help meet the growing power requirements for the
cleanup of the Hanford Nuclear Reservation. The Waste Vitrification Plant is an integral part of
this cleanup and will require an additional 70 MWe of electrical power by the end of this decade.
In addition, USDOE ‘s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory will also require nearly 30 MWe
of additional electricity. I encourage you to consider meeting USDOEs own power demands by
supporting the siting of an SMR plant at the Energy Northwest site, and thereby helping to
advance new SMR technology development and supporting the cleanup effort."

Click here to read the full letter from Gov. Jay Inslee